Meet the League

Jowy Pangilinan
Founder | Production | Content Creator | Resident Nick Furyer of Local Talent

I was a girl with a dream of being somehow a contributor to the world of Comics and Pop Culture. Well.. technically I dreamt I could fly and shoot optic beams through my retina but you know same, same, but different. I grew up DC and more recently leaned towards Marvel and Image. I’m a sucker for Alex Ross art, Superhero shows, Female Superheroes, and I am a wigley movie watcher on account I can’t stay still for more than 47 mins.

Shane_CircleShane Lothian

Content Creator

Lover of magnificent tales, whether they include polygons or onomatopeias. Comic book geek since kindergarten, and omni geek since puberty… I peddle paper with varieties of ink and colour on it. My poisons include comics, gaming, anime, and pop culture. The Layla Miller of the group, I just know stuff.

Canya_CircleCanya Selva
Content Creator | Movie & TV Critic | Social Media | Eater of Pizza

I live and breathe fandom. I love comics, with leanings of the DC variety and am an avid fan of Wonder Woman. I studied Literature and love analyzing the complexities of modern storytelling: comics, television and film. I believe Pizza is a food group. I also get distracted easily by cute animals, especially dogs.

Anthony_CircleAnthony Carty
Content Creator

Just your friendly neighbourhood speed force aficionado. Grew up watching the likes of Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha and basically anything with super powers. A real fan of the impossible no matter what form it comes in. Currently assembling every known article of clothing with the Flash logo on it.

Cyrille Antonio
Content Creator | Social Media | Benedict Cumberbatch Enthusiast


HAI! I’m Comics Ink’s resident Benedict Cumberbatch enthusiast and pop culture geek. I love Harry Potter so much so that I have two tattoos related to the fandom. I have some opinions (good or bad — up to you to judge) on all things fandom, geek and nerd culture. Don’t ask me if I like BBT (Hint: I don’t). You can often find me taking selfies on every SnapChat filter, live-tweeting the Oscars or telling everyone how trash I am for reality TV. If you can’t find me there, I might be underneath the chip table with a bowl of guac. Form a single file line, gents.

Leonard_CircleLen Paulo
Content Creator | Proudly “suffers” from Vertigo (the imprint)

Just a guy who read a lot of weird comics, especially from the British Invasion of the 80’s and early 90’s. Grant Morrison’s hypersigil trilogy and talk at Disinfo changed my perspective on reality. I’m also a regular tabletop RPG GM and super amateur pencil and paper game designer.

Geoff_CircleGeoff McGregor
Content Creator | Loves Pineapple on Pizza | Benedict Cumberbatch and Paul Rudd’s Love Child

The face of Paul Rudd and Benedict Cumberbatch with the cynical attitude of the crabby old man across the street. I don’t understand technology or what “bae” means. Pineapple on pizza is an abomination and comic books bring a lot of joy in my life (sorry, Cyrille). I probably own way too many Funkos.

Emma_CircleEmma Hambly
Content Creator

I grew up on DC animated shows, fell in love with comics, and ended up writing my master’s thesis on comic books. The bottom line is, I’m addicted to stories. Voracious reader, amateur cosplayer, D&D player, aspiring comic writer. I love tea, robots, bad movies, and long walks playing Pokemon Go.