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Tonight is The Night my Spider-Friends, Iron-Fans, Strange-o’s, and Cappy’s! Check out our talented friends from @toybacon and their Tasty Take on Toys! Check out more delicious #toyphotography here Follow ToyBacon on Instagram and Facebook @toybacon *Spider-Man: Homecoming building was made by Crashbox Customs! Follow them on Instagram and Facebook @crashboxcustoms

Cool Robots = Cool Uncles

There’s not enough synonyms in this world to describe how crazy cool Transformers are! Maybe they have a word for it in Cybertron ?! Meet Generation 1 Scorponok by Lord Zarakwe promise to bring you a super special podcast guest to talk nerdy about the world of Robots in Expos! I grew up with cool Uncles and I’m thankful they showed me…

Diana Prince, Our Princess Forever

Diana Prince is one hell of an amazon but she’s one inspirational giant of a woman! She was first written as a strong and forward thinking woman and then there was a dark time where she was written as a fashion/boy obsessed girl… these days were all waiting for more Diana Prince action after Patty…

💋Smoochy Mystery Box UNBOXED💋

Happy Valentines Day Nerdos and Nerdettes! Comics Ink’s Canya Un-Boxed this romantic AF Valentines Mystery Box from our friends at Stadium Comics what an amazing thing to grab alongside/or in place of your roses and chocolates! $60 value for just $14.99 Check out Stadium Comics at

By the Goddesses!

Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Box Set 2016 Great Hera! It’s a.. wait.. there’s nothing up there? But I hear jet sounds above me? Must be Diana and her Sue Richards style flying contraption! Wonder Woman is 77 this year and a couple of years ago an Amazon size 75th Anniversary Box Set was gifted to…

Heroes Saving Your Savings

Can you guys imagine this crossover? We will call it Crisis on Infinite Wars? Secret Crisis Wars? Deadpool Kills Both Marvel and DC? In my imagination everything is possible. Let’s get Wade Wilson and 66 Batman in the same movie… I can’t even! You guys have about 3 days to get your shopping down for…

Pretty Bad Ass Thor ft. Mjölnir

“Whosoever holds this hammer, if (s)he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor!” -Odin … great how am I supposed to read #Thor who put Mjölnir here!? 😜 Ever wanted to see our favourite Asgardian get his emo on? Check this one out if you are in need of a Thor refresh and to see…

The Golden Age of Comics

There’s a reason why it’s called “The Golden Age” This incredible book shows you pop culture history that stood the test of time and well some that disappeared in the Phantom Zone [1930s-1950s] #GoldenAge#Comics#DCComics#History#Retro Add us on Instagram: comics__ink [yes that’s 2 underscores] Your Northern Neighbour, Comics Ink.


  When your shipment has to get there fast, you can trust Captain Han Solo of the Millenium Falcon. Poster art by The Artwork of Mark Rehkopf [Obtained in Toronto Fan Expo 2014] Your Northern Neighbour, Comics Ink.