The Pull List | Crew Picks for October 31

Check out the must-have titles as chosen by the Comics Ink Crew!

Justice League Dark & Wonder Woman: The Witching Hour #1 | DC Comics (Canya’s Pick)

W: James Tynion IV | A: Jesus Merino | CA: David Yardin

The deadly finale of “The Witching Hour” arrives as Zatanna battles for Wonder Woman’s soul-and the rest of the Justice League Dark battle for their lives! Hecate is more powerful than the Greek Gods…and no matter who wins, the Earth will lose its chance of surviving the war that’s coming!

Stranger Things #2 (Variant Cover) | Dark Horse Comics (Cyrille’s Pick)

W: Jody Houser | A: Stefano Martino | CA: Patrick Satterfield

Stuck in the mysterious Upside Down, Will Byers is cold, scared and starving. He uses his last bullet to temporarily drive away the Demogorgon. Drawing on lessons learned from D&D, Will hunts for food and supplies to prepare for whatever lies ahead. After discovering he can affect the lights in his family home, brief excitement turns to terror when he realizes he isn’t the only one that wants to break through to the other side.

Deathbed TP | DC Comics (Emma’s Pick)

W: Joshua Williamson | A/CA: Riley Rossmo

Myth, hack, sex symbol, stark raving lunatic-all of these words have been used to describe Antonio Luna, the world’s greatest living adventurer. Or at least he was until 20 years ago, when he mysteriously vanished from the public eye. Now the 90-year-old has returned and claims to be on his deathbed. Which is where Valentine Richards, a failed novelist turned reporter, comes in. Val is hired to travel to Luna’s remote castle home and uncover where the old star has been all these years, and just how much of what he says is actually true. But once Val starts to hear Luna’s tale, she finds herself entering into an insane world of psychedelic violence and explosive supernatural adventure. Collects issues #1-6.

Deathstroke/Yogi Bear #1 | DC Comics (Geoff’s Pick)

W: Frank Tieri, J. M. DeMatteis | A: Mark Texeira, Tom Mandrake | CA: Tyler Kirkham

In Yellowstone Park, legends speak of a spirit bear referred to as “the Yogi,” which few if any have actually encountered. Real or not, when a bear seems to have graduated from stealing picnic baskets to kidnapping actual campers, Ranger Smith decides it’s time to stop this menace-so he calls on the services of Slade Wilson-a.k.a. Deathstroke — to get the job done. Plus, part one of a Secret Squirrel backup story written by J.M. DeMatteis.

Doom Patrol #12 | DC Comics (Len’s Pick)

W: Gerard Way | A: Dan McDaid | CA: Nick Derington

Something normal is happening to the Doom Patrol. Which means not weird, since their own normal is very weird. There are mysterious forces at work, unseen hands rewriting history, and the change is so gradual, the team doesn’t even necessarily see how much they are changing. The end of our second big DOOM PATROL arc leads to big things to come next month!

Old Man Logan #50 | Marvel Comics (Shane’s Pick)

W: Ed Brisson | A: Ibraim Roberson | CA: Andrea Sorrentino

Logan came into this world the same way he’s leaving it: IN PAIN! Don’t miss the end of an era as Old Man Logan’s golden years are cut short!

Here’s what else is coming out this week:

Dark Horse Comics

  • I Am a Hero Omnibus Vol. 8 TP
  • StarCraft: Scavengers #4
  • Stephen McCranie’s Space Boy Vol. 2 TP
  • The Witcher Library Edition HC

DC Comics

  • American Vampire Omnibus Vol. 1 HC
  • Batman: Haunted Knight TP
  • Batman Secret Files #1
  • Batman: The Dark Prince Charming HC
  • The Demon: Hell is Earth TP
  • Green Lantern/Huckleberry Hound #1
  • Heroes in Crisis #2
  • Hex Wives #1
  • Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe #4
  • Justice League/Aquaman: Drowned Earth #1
  • MAD Magazine #4
  • The Man of Steel: Brian Michael Bendis HC
  • Nightwing/Magilla Gorilla #1
  • Red Hood And The Outlaws Vol. 4: Good Night Gotham TP
  • Supergirl Vol. 4: Plain Sight TP
  • Superman/Top Cat #1
  • The Terrifics Annual #1
  • Wild Storm #18

IDW Publishing

  • Batman / The Maxx: Arkham Dreams #2
  • Bill Sienkiewicz’s Mutants and Moon Knights Artifact Edition HC
  • Sonic the Hedgehog #10
  • Star Wars Adventures #15
  • Star Wars: Tales from Vader’s Castle #5
  • Tangled: Hair-Raising Adventures #2

Image Comics

  • Black Science, Vol. 8: Later Than You Think TP
  • Hit-Girl Vol. 2 TP
  • Ice Cream Man #8
  • Maestros Vol. 1 TP
  • Man-Eaters #2
  • Moonshine Vol. 2 TP
  • Realm #10
  • Shanghai Red #5
  • Wayward #30
  • Wytches: Bad Egg Halloween Special (One-Shot)

Marvel Comics

  • Avengers Halloween Special #1
  • Avengers Undercover: The Complete Collection TP
  • Black Panther #5
  • Daredevil #610
  • Extermination #4
  • Incredible Hulk Epic Collection: The Leader Lives TP
  • Infinity Wars: Iron Hammer #2
  • Jessica Jones: Blind Spot MPGN TP
  • Marvel Two-In-One #11
  • Multiple Man #5
  • Mutant X: The Complete Collection Vol. 1 TP
  • Old Man Hawkeye #10
  • Spider-Force #1
  • Tony Stark: Iron Man #5
  • True Believers: What If Legion Had Killed Magneto? #1
  • True Believers: What If the Fantastic Four Had Different Super-Powers #1
  • Vault of Spiders #1
  • Weapon H Vol. 1: AWOL TP
  • Weapon X Vol. 4: Russian Revolution TP
  • West Coast Avengers #3
  • What If? Magik #1
  • X-Men: Black – Emma Frost #1
  • X-Men Blue Vol. 5: Surviving the Experience TP
  • X-men: Grand Design – Second Genesis TP
  • X-Men: Deadly Genesis TP

What titles are you excited for? Let us know!


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